Antidepressants – good or bad

I’m often asked whether antidepressants are a good idea or not; to get someone out of a rut for example. To be clear, this thread is my opinion, not medical advice, to cover my arse.  I will also be very clear that I do not recommend, endorse, nor suggest that anyone adjust their medication or start taking any without speaking to their doctor first. I am not a doctor. You should not trust me.

But I’m going to tell you what I really think; you might not like it. I’m also right.

Antidepressants are dangerous, and harmful, and have no place whatsoever in humans, or any other animal.

Yet millions of people have been prescribed them and will take them for decades.

The joke – “someone stole my antidepressants, well I bloody hope they’re happy!”

We all have signals throughout our nervous system. We call these ‘signals’, feelings.  If we’re happy, our feelings make us feel like we should keep doing something. If we’re sad, our feelings give us clues as to what to do.

For example, if you’re happy in your job/biz but you feel depressed then it won’t be your job/biz causing you to feel that depressed but some other aspect of your life.
Likely it’ll be friends, romance, or family.

It is never total, it is always specific.

This is a process of esteem, meaning you know something in your environment isn’t right and the feelings are telling you to make changes or you will continue to feel the same way.

A drug could make that feeling go away. Could be an anti-depressant, or booze, could be social media…

Now, psychiatry seems to think that they can create magic pills to help you fix the problem. And that maybe you have a chemical imbalance.
They can not and you do not.

But, for a short time they’re okay? No. I’ll tell you what you need shortly.

This notion that these drugs FIX chemical imbalances is absurd. These drugs CAUSE chemical imbalances. Your brain and nervous system is exquisitely designed to give you feedback.

Depression is FAILURE FEEDBACK in a major arena of your life.

The feedback your brain is giving you tells you what you need and in every case, you don’t need a pill, what you need is SUCCESS.

And you get that with coaching, guidance, new information, trying new things/ running new experiments in whichever arena is causing concern.

So, in closing – you do not need an antidepressant, you need success.

That’s the solution, antidepressants never are the solution.

As to how to get off them, that’s for another day…