Gosh, there has been a lot over the years...

However, Intelligent Eating is an unpopular cause that deserves attention.

We (and by we, I mean mostly Adam) has been on TV, Radio, TED, hundreds of guest appearances, likely over 1000 talks and who knows what else! 

Here’s a selection of the most fun! And from now on I will write as me.

This clip from 2014 was pivotal. It was a moonshot because whilst my knowledge was exceptional, my public speaking was dire and to approach a multinational, multibillion dollar company and say, “hey can I do a presentation at your flagship UK store in London please” was a punt. 

But it worked. And it worked because I knew the message was important enough and they knew it would get people shopping afterwards. We anticipated 25 people. And we got 153 people. And I was still fat, so it was a tough sell!

That’s what this means to people. Health is really important.

2017 consisted of hundreds of small grass roots talks such as this; it was cheap, scrappy but had a ton of impact because people are people and everyone knows someone who has lost someone to these horrible diseases that are so rampant in our western world.

In 2018 I was invited (I did not apply) to deliver to a TEDx talk on the topic of health and I did in 2019. You can watch it below.

The whole industry of food and pharmaceuticals is about making money and not about your health, with very rare exception; I was delivering my message at a 2 when I wanted to scream at volume 11.

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Later in 2019, I was invited to the VegMed conference at Kings College, London and along with the BBC and just two other entities, I interviewed the 3 keynote speakers.

Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Michael Klaper, and perhaps most famously Dr Michael Greger. 

You can watch short excerts of these interviews below – they are around 1-3 minutes each.