Cheryl Greenlee Reversal of Type 2 diabetes


Cheryl is a 35 year old woman living in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA presenting with elevated HbA1c and weight concerns.


Cheryl approached Intelligent Eating just 3 days after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it was the 19th of December, barely a week before Christmas. Frightened after reading the consequences of the disease, she’d already made some changes to her diet from information that she had read online, but her blood sugar levels remained the same.

Working together

Disheartened, and concerned, it was by chance that Cheryl found Intelligent Eating and sent a message asking for help. After a long conversation, and discussion about her diet and lifestyle, a swift proposal was put forward to reverse all the symptoms of her diabetes by the New Year and keep her off medication. Somewhat skeptical, but nonetheless willing, Cheryl agreed to aggressively attack the causation of the type 2 diabetes and stepped up to the challenge.




Cheryl says:

“Adam could sense I was slightly skeptical of his optimism and so he sent me research papers as well as encouraging me to do my own research. What I loved was how he explained to me how to verify a study, or a paper, as in who has reviewed the study, the standard of evidence in the study and most importantly, who funded the study and why! I liked that, it made sense, so I got to work and did some of my own research and implemented Adam’s suggestions. We chatted daily, albeit briefly, but very objectively about how things were going and well, on the 28th of December we had a much longer conversation as there was a lot to talk about. Firstly, my blood sugar was now down to 97mg/dl – which is well within the normal range, so the diabetes has gone, and secondly, and this, I never dreamed of when Adam said “yea, you may well find you lose a bit of weight too, but let’s address the most serious disease first”, I’d lost 11 lbs. Best, by far – is that I now feel great, feel more alert and have tons more energy.”

Cheryl’s results are typical when there is a strong desire to remove type 2 diabetes, and it’s caught soon. It can take longer, but within a month is typical, regardless of how long someone has had the disease. Nonetheless, all credit to Cheryl for tacking what is, a tough disease. The approach taken with Cheryl was to attack the causation of the disease, which is virtually always dietary, rather than attack the symptoms as is typical with drug therapy. The wonderful thing for her going forward is that her health will continue to improve, whereas if she had not made contact her health would be progressively eroded as is the case with type 2 diabetics. It is a tough disease because it affects every organ in the body, so over time the damage can be incredibly serious, combined with the need for medication to control the symptoms, the quality of life deteriorates. Cheryl is definitely front of the class, reversing all symptoms of the disease in only 12 days! This shows that not only is reversal possible, but also quickly.

Also demonstrated is the need to understand how to understand evidence found online, as standards vary immensely – part of Intelligent Eating’s scope is to present information on how to decide if a study is trustworthy and whether its advice is worth reading. As most online information exists to either sell products, pills or advertising space, the importance of differentiation is extremely important.

Follow Up

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