Is everything okay in moderation

There’s a common term you’ll have heard ‘everything is okay in moderation’ with respect to food.
What does this really mean?
Typically, it means ‘eating a bit of what you know isn’t great and justifying it’, or ‘this little bit won’t hurt’ but it’s completely subjective…
  • Example 1 – person A orders 1 pizza a month.
  • Example 2 – person B orders 1 pizza a week.
Both call that moderation. Yet one is 433% more… Who is eating in moderation?
Well, both, if you ask them.
And where are the guidelines on this stuff?
Is the Alabama food pyramid the one to follow?
Should Jolt cola be your staple.. lol


Or another ‘extreme’ attrib – @PlantDietitian




Can you see the problem here – moderation means different things to different people… This wasn’t always a problem.
So what influences our food choices now…?



See the illusion of choice here…
Our ancestors didn’t have this. Who’s paying the @USDA
in the USA or @foodgov in the UK




What about this food? Is this moderation?
We are told bread = bad? The average grocery store has over 100 types of bread… err ‘lol’
In the decade of seeing what people eat; the one commonality I’ve noticed regardless of their background is CONFUSION. ‘what to eat’



So, to answer the question… is everything okay in moderation…
Yes, if you live in an environment where ONLY whole natural foods are present.
And that’s a very small percentage. For everyone else, no. Soz.
But what does it matter? What are the consequences?
Well, including but not limited to…
– obesity
– heart disease
– high cholesterol
– high blood pressure
– autoimmunes
– diabetes
– cancers
and so on.
These trash peoples’ quality of life.
I’m sorry to be so blunt but these are tough questions that aren’t being answered…
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