Living in stress – be careful

Hormones & Neuroregulators


Something many don’t consider when it comes to their diet is just how impactful what we consume can be with respect to our mood.
Our bodies are incredibly complex, far more than we fully understand and part of our body is our central nervous system is governed by what we put into our bodies!
For context here, I’m talking about food but if you read my article on redefining drugs you’ll understand that I do include social media and many other substances commonly available too.
I wrote a thread recently on Twitter loosely around the ‘blue zones’; pockets of populations that are where our most healthy people have been found (although this is not so anymore sadly) and much of that ties into this. Thread is here
Two big topics that are rarely covered are adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline is ‘battle ready’ and cortisol is’ readiness to handle stress’.
In very basic terms, adrenaline gets your body ready to do what it needs to do and that’s a super useful survival strategy when faced with danger; cortisol is a bit more powerful in many ways.
However, both come with side effects, the primary one being that as cortisol increases available blood sugar, it depresses the immune system.
Ok, so what the hell does this have to do with my diet? Good question…
Something I’ve noticed over the years and it’s far from just my opinion is that in people that have elevated levels of these hormones is that they are at massively increased risk of all-cause mortality, morbidity, and overall disease – particularly if stressed from a young age. As with many conditions, it takes years to build the problem… but build, it does.
So, onto diet – well, foods high in antioxidants can help put the fire out so to speak. Berries, vegetables, the ‘alkaline’ foods as people like to call them.
The moral of this: if you’re living a stressful life, then your diet is even more important than ever!!
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