Are there benefits to drinking red wine

A glass of red wine is good for you! So some people say, but is it? And if it is, why? Let’s have a look at this from an objective perspective and figure it out.. The tl:dr is yes and no lol… Red wine is made from red grapes. Red grapes contain a compound called […]

Is Dementia actually Alzheimers

When Doctor Aloysius Alzheimer first identified the disease ‘Alzheimer’s disease’ in 1901 he noticed several distinguishing features. These now show that around 70% of all cases of dementia are, in fact, Alzheimer’s. On our current path, the incidence of the disease is going to increase by 350% over the next 35 years (by 2050). Like […]

Down regulation is a bitch – but doable

When you start to understand the way certain foods injure the inner lining of your arteries (the endothelium), you tend to take more interest in what you eat, however, changing what you eat is not as straightforward as many would think. We have receptors for cocaine, heroin, nicotine, sugar, fat and many other substances in […]

Do free healthcare systems kill people

It’s possible that your healthcare system will kill you. What? This might sound outrageous but read on. In most of the western world, healthcare is free at point of service and is paid through public taxation. However, the perception is typically that the health service is free. This is the scenario in the UK, Canada, […]

Fasting? Not so fast

Alright. Let’s talk about fasting and pull it apart a bit and put it back together to make some sense and debunk a few things. Set the record straight perhaps. You will have come across the term ‘fasting’. But what does it mean? To understand something we must use best evidence to define it (except […]

It’s Time To Talk About Drugs

Are you on prescription medication?     I had a conversation with someone at lunchtime today about the medications that they’d been prescribed and they asked for my view on them. I said, I can’t give you anything more than my opinion (I offer no medical advice) and if you want to go further than […]

Love cheese? You’re probably a junkie.

Of all the foods people consume, the toughest one for many to stop eating is cheese.   There are so many emotions around this potent substance… To many, it’s the food of the gods, to some, it’s revolting. But what’s really going on? Why do people struggle to stop eating cheese?   Fortunately, evolutionary mechanisms […]

Blue Monday and Vitamin D

Vitamin D – is it important? Blue Monday is indeed the stuff of marketing but there’s a more sinister concern that accompanies this time of year if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. The actual term ‘Blue Monday’ is very recent and yes it’s nothing more than a creation of marketing in an effort mostly […]

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